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Conquering Wet Dog Odor in Carpets and Upholstery
We all know that smell: "Stinky." "Pungent." "Overwhelming." "Like something died." These are just a few of the ways your customer might describe the "Wet Dog" odor. Your job is ...
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Choose Your Words Carefully
Is this carpet "filthy," or is it "heavily soiled"? The words you use with your customers matter.  To retain and get repeat customers, how you communicate with them is often ...
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Urine Stains and Odors: Old vs New
One of the most important issues with urine stains and odors is to understand the difference between fresh urine deposits and stains that have been there for a long time.  Fresh ...
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UV Light: The Cleaner’s Superpower
It’s not exactly X-ray vision, but a good ultraviolet or UV light truly can help you see what may be lurking in carpet and upholstery. Not only does a UV light reveal the presence ...
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Treating urine contamination in dense materials
Un-Duz-It Unleashed is a proven solution for urine stain and odor control product for carpets and upholstery. But did you know that Unleashed also works well on hard surfaces?  If ...
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Power Through Any Upholstery Cleaning Challenge
Cleaning upholstery presents unique challenges with delicate fabrics, difficult stains and the potential for over-wetting. But with the right system, you can clean upholstery with ...
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When Temps Rise, So Can the Odors
When warmer weather approaches, it's a good time to review how higher temperatures affect odor generation. First, volatile compounds - the source of most odors - are more easily ...
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What Causes Urine to Glow Under UV Light?
Most of you have probably used a UV light to detect urine spills in carpets, upholstery and flooring. But why does urine glow like that? And more importantly, why do urine spots ...
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