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Treating urine contamination in dense materials
Un-Duz-It Unleashed is a proven solution for urine stain and odor control product for carpets and upholstery. But did you know that Unleashed also works well on hard surfaces? 

If you’ve used Unleashed, you know that the product effectiveness depends on allowing adequate contact time with all sources of odor. However, when treating hard surfaces, Unleashed will tend to evaporate faster than it has time to penetrate these dense materials. 

What’s the solution? Legend Brands has developed a procedure to slow down the rate of evaporation and give Unleashed more time to work. Follow these steps to maximize Unleashed’s effectiveness on hard surfaces (before application, pretest for colorfastness in an inconspicuous area):
  1. Flood the affected area with undiluted Unleashed 
  2. Cover the treated area with 6 mil black plastic. This barrier slows down the rate of evaporation, allowing more time for Unleashed to penetrate and deodorize the substrate.
  3. Two or three treatments might be necessary to allow the product to penetrate deeply enough to contact all sources of odors. 
  4. Now clean the affected area.
Follow these steps carefully and Unleashed will enable you to tackle tough odors in dense materials. 
For more information about Unleashed, visit the product page and be sure to review the Unleashed User Guide (available in the Documents tab), for a complete list of applications and detailed instructions.