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Power Through Any Upholstery Cleaning Challenge
Cleaning upholstery presents unique challenges with delicate fabrics, difficult stains and the potential for over-wetting. But with the right system, you can clean upholstery with confidence, tackling even the toughest soil conditions on all fabric types, and leave your customer's furnishings in like-new condition.
The best cleaning starts with the best tool. The Sapphire Scientific® Upholstery Pro features a unique dual-flow head that eliminates overspray while delivering highly effective continuous-flow cleaning. This model features a clear housing to make it easy to monitor solution flow and vacuum effectiveness. Correctly angled and carefully balanced to reduce wrist, arm and back fatigue, the Upholstery Pro's housing is constructed of lightweight but extremely durable materials for long service life. The unit is also equipped with a trigger lock to help reduce grip fatigue.

The truckmount model of the Upholstery Pro (67-019-C) has an adjustable flow valve with an inline filter that maximizes operator control of water flow and heat. The portable extractor model (67-019-P) features an inline flow-control orifice to control water flow and optimize heat.

But an effective cleaning tool is just half of the equation. For the best results, cleaning professionals combine the Upholstery Pro with Legend Brand Clean’s comprehensive selection of upholstery cleaning solutions for every type of upholstery, including cotton, synthetics, and even leather.

The mainstay of the cleaning professional's tool box is an upholstery prespray from Chemspec or Prochem. These ammoniated products emulsify heavy soil loads, yet self-neutralize and rinse free for convenience. For stubborn and/or greasy soiling, follow with a rinse extraction product like All Fiber Textile Rinse. This Woolsafe®-certified product neutralizes any alkaline residues from previous cleanings and also removes calcium deposits and urine salts and also inhibits browning and dye bleed.

Combining Legend Brands cleaning solutions with the Upholstery Pro delivers a deep, thorough clean and leaves fabrics drier and with no streaking – all in less time and effort!