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Enjoy fast, fatigue-free, safe and effective cleaning of furniture or automotive interiors with the Upholstery Pro. The unique extraction head design extracts in both directions. Using our industry-exclusive fully adjustable solution flow trigger and trigger lock, you can adjust the solution to remove the heaviest of soils while limiting the solution for the most delicate fabrics. To ensure long life, the head is constructed with extremely durable engineered plastics. 
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114810 (67-019-C): Fitted with solution control valve for use with truckmount
120053 (67-019-P): Fitted with pressure-reducing orifice for use with portable
Dimensions: Head – 4 in. (10.6 cm) extraction width
Hose assembly – 10 ft. (3 m) 
Construction: Head: High performance nylon resin
Glide: Engineering thermoplastic 
Fittings: Brass with high-temp seals
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  • Unique dual extraction slots permit full extraction in both directions across fabric surfaces
  • In-line solution strainer helps prevent clogging
  • Solution control valve (on truckmount model) provides precise control for widest range of fabric types and soiling conditions
  • Portables model features a orifice reducer to maximize portable performance.
  • Sliding vacuum release allows for easy vacuum adjustments on the fly


Dimensions:  Head – 4 in. (10.6 cm) extraction width
Hose assembly – 10 ft. (3 m) 
Construction:  Head: High performance nylon resin
Glide: Engineering thermoplastic 
Fittings: Brass with high-temp seals




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“When I came into the industry in 2012, I hated cleaning upholstery. Sometimes I wouldn’t even bid on it because it was always a messy hassle. The Upholstery Pro was a game changer. Until then, I had been using the wrong tool for the job! The continuous stream design prevented over wetting on natural fabrics and it kept the water from squirting out of the sides when cleaning microfibers. The Upholstery Pro also allows you to clean forward and back. The clear head allows you and customers to see the soils that are being removed. This tool is more expensive than the standard tools, but it’s worth every penny.” –David Glaze, Approved Carpet Care, Thousand Oaks, CA
“My toughest upholstery problem is always having to hold the trigger down on the tool. A good friend let me borrow your Upholstery Pro tool and I absolutely loved the trigger lock!” –Drew Poll, Lakeshore Carpet Care, Ludington, MI
"I have used a lot of upholstery tools over the years in the last one I used fell apart on me! I'm so glad I got a quality built upholstery tool and very easy to use with the built in glide. You also can trigger the handle or leave it wide open! Thanks Sapphire for another great product!"

-Brian Crain