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Choose Your Words Carefully
Is this carpet "filthy," or is it "heavily soiled"?

The words you use with your customers matter. 

To retain and get repeat customers, how you communicate with them is often more important than how clean you get their furnishings. Your team's attitude, tone of voice, choice of words and professional appearance can really make a difference.  

Talk with customers—not at them. Ask good questions. Make sure you understand their concerns. Assume they've done their best to care for furnishings. Don't offend them by being critical of their belongings.  

In other words, choose your words carefully.

Here is a list of commonly used terms that may be perceived negatively followed by alternatives that are more professional, tactful, and positive:  

Instead of:
Bleed, Bleeding
Dirty, filthy
Any four-letter word related to body waste
Neutralize, rinse
Color/dye migration
Cleaning agent
Heavy soiling
Heavy use areas
Color transfer
Animal stain, urine, feces