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Chemspec Paint, Oil and Grease Remover
Product Description
Fast-acting, non-volatile solvent-based product quickly removes the toughest paint, oil and grease soils from carpets, upholstery, and fabrics. Also highly effective on shoe polish, copy toner, marking pen and oxidized oils. Rinses clean with solvent solution. (Not available for sale in California and New York.)
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118517 (C-POGCS): Twelve 1 qt. / 0.9 L bottles. USA only. (Not available in California)
Dilution: Ready to use—no dilution necessary
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RTU pH:  N/A
Dilution:  Ready to use—no dilution necessary




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“My toughest upholstery stain is Silly Putty. I carefully applied Chemspec POG and rinsed thoroughly with All Fiber Rinse, and it immediately lifted the Silly Putty out.” –Ori A Klibansky, Maine Carpet Cleaning & Restoration, Carmel, ME
“We use POG for just about everything! It cuts through some of the nastiest stains we come across. Our company has 15 trucks on the road and we use around four cases a month on this product alone.” —Chris Stead, Peerless Carpet Care, Poquoson, VA
“A few years ago we had a customer call in a frantic panic as she had just spilled bacon grease all over her brand new carpet. When we got there the stains were a lot bigger than I was anticipating, but I told her that the technician and I would do our best to get the stain out. I started with a heavy amount of pre-spotter and went over it hard. That helped a lot, but you could definitely still see the spots. Then I got out Paint, Oil and Grease remover and went over it heavily with the cleaning wand. The stain was completely gone! The customer could not believe it and was so happy she tipped me and my employee $50 each.” —Rick Smith, Rick Smith’s Carpet Cleaning, Clayton, NY
“Chemspec’s POG saves us on a daily basis. It can handle any kind of grease and yes that includes bacon :)” –Ori A. Klibansky, Maine Carpet Cleaning, Carmel, ME
“By far the best thing we use is the Chemspec POG remover. The maintenance people at our office are known for getting oil and grease on the carpets, but POG will take out the stains that most others don’t.” —Randy Hager, Debra-Kuempel, Middletown, OH
“A customer with a high-end home had spilled red nail polish all over the carpet. I used POG a couple of times and it removed it completely. Even we were amazed! I’ve also had a lot of great luck with your Rust Remover and Citrus Gel.” —Jason Nelson, Coit, Savage, MN
“Talk about saving my bacon! We had a Thanksgiving potluck this last year at our shop, and when I was cutting the roast, I accidentally splashed some grease on an upholstered armchair. Was I going to have to shell out $800 for a new company chair? Luckily, Chemspec POG took the stains right out. I felt relieved and thankful we had the POG spotter on-hand. It saved me from a slippery situation.” —Thomas Velishek, Certified Restoration, Ltd., Milan, OH
“My favorite is Paint, Oil and Grease remover. It works like a charm. I’m a slob and get grease all over my clothes and this solution takes it all right out!” —Nick Weingartner, FMS Construction, Pittsburgh, PA 
"Chemspec products are just simply amazing! I love Paint, Oil, and Grease Remover and Rust Remover. Overall, the brand is such a good quality and I would recommend using these products to anyone in the carpet cleaning business." —Theodore Ebbing, Anchor Carpet Cleaning, Clayton, NY
“The first experience we had with Chemspec was on our office carpet. Someone walked in not knowing grease and oil was on their boots. We used the stain remover followed by the detergent and can't find the stains anymore. We now use it on all our office carpets.” —William Hager, Debra-Kuempel, Middletown, OH