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What Are YOU Worth?
A story is told about a man who noticed the elderly Salvador Dali drinking coffee in a café. The man approached the prominent Spanish surrealist artist. “I’m a great fan of yours,” he gushed, and asked if he could sit with Mr. Dali. They spoke for several minutes. Finally, the man screwed up his courage and asked Mr. Dali if he wouldn’t mind doing a quick sketch for him on a paper napkin. Mr. Dali agreed, and in less than five minutes, he made a portrait of his guest. As the man reached out to take the sketch, Mr. Dali said, “That’ll be $50,000.” Surprised, the man said, “But sir, that sketch only took you five minutes!” Mr. Dali replied, “No, that sketch took me fifty years.” 

The same can be said about how you price your services. It’s not just a “10-minute” spot removal or a “two-hour” cleaning you’re doing: it’s the years of experience and expertise you’re bringing to the job. Your skills, abilities and experience help to ensure proper cleaning while protecting and beautifying your customers’ homes and businesses. Price yourself accordingly!