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Vacuum, vacuum, vacuum
It's estimated that 75%–79% of all soils in carpets are dry, particulate soils. Proper vacuuming can remove up to 50% of these dry soils, and does so far more efficiently than wet extraction. A well-maintained and properly used vacuum cleaner will help ensure you’re getting as much of these dry soils out as possible. 

When vacuuming, follow these suggestions to maximize dry soil removal before beginning wet extraction process.
  • Move slowly—use a slow, walking pace
  • Make several passes—the heavier the soil load, the more passes you should be making
  • Empty bags when half to three-quarters full. This helps to ensure the vacuum cleaner is operating with maximum lift and flow. 
  • Keep secondary and exhaust filters changed/cleaned.
  • Replace beater bar when worn or damaged.
  • For even better results, use an “Encaps” counter-rotating brush machine before vacuuming to loosen even more dry soils. 
A thorough vacuuming will help ensure you are removing the maximum amount of soil from your customer’s home.