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Truckmount Vacuum Pump Maintenance
Of all the parts of a truckmount, we get the most inquiries about the blower (technically, it’s called the vacuum pump): how to maintain it, and how to keep it running at peak efficiency and how to protect it from damage. In fact, this equipment it is a very durable component, but it does require a certain amount of care in order to deliver reliable service. Always refer to your your truckmount owner's manual first and foremost for specific instructions, but the following maintenance tips provide a general outline of the tasks that can help extend the life of a vacuum pump.
  1. Never set the vacuum relief valve higher than the manufacturer’s recommendations. When the vacuum is set too high and airflow is restricted, the vacuum pump will not cool properly. If this occurs, thermal expansion of the blower lobes will reduce clearances and can destroy the blower.
  2. Use the only the oil specified for the specific brand of vacuum pump. 
  3. The oil must be maintained at the correct level – check oil levels regularly using the sight glasses on both sides of the pump.
  4. The oil must be changed annually or every 1000 hours, whichever comes first. Lubricate the internal lobes daily using a water displacement lubricant (such as WD-40). 
  5. During storage, remove the waste tank lid and rotate the vacuum pump shaft at least once a month. This reduces the amount of moisture that would otherwise be trapped in the vacuum pump.
  6. Maintain good and clean filtration. Clean the waste tank basket and filter(s) regularly. And do not use a damaged filter. A filter with a hole in it will not be able to keep destructive debris out of the vacuum pump.
  7. When cleaning carpet that has been previously shampooed, use a defoamer.
  8. Belt tension and alignment affects the bearing life of the vacuum pump. Inspect periodically.
  9. Periodically check for oil leaks.
  10. Check backpressure. Debris can restrict airflow through heat exchangers, causing the blower to overheat. 
Again, please refer to your owner’s manual for specific instructions. With proper maintenance and due care, your truckmount vacuum pump will provide many years of excellent performance. 
By Scott Harlib, Senior Customer Service Representative with Legend Brands.