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Help Your Customer Help Themselves: Tips for a Cleaner, Longer-Lasting Carpet
Your customers are likely to take your advice about carpet care seriously. This gives you an opportunity to help them take better care of their carpet investment—and to demonstrate to your customers that you care as much about their carpets as they do!

Talk with your customer about these tips, or print them out on a card and leave it in their home or business. 

How to Make Your Carpet Last Longer
  • Vacuum often. Vacuuming is by far one of the most important things you can do to protect your carpet. Dust and debris can cause premature wear on the carpet fiber, dulling the appearance and reducing the carpet's stain-resistant properties. And when it comes time for hot water extraction, a thoroughly-vacuumed carpet is much easier to clean.
  • Use doormats. Doormats can greatly reduce the amount of dirt, sand, and other harmful materials from getting on to your carpet. The longer your entryway doormat the more tracked-in material you'll capture before it gets onto your home carpet. 
  • Address spots promptly. The longer a foreign material sits in the carpet the harder it is to remove. 
  • Get regular professional cleaning. A cleaning professional will remove deeply embedded soils and restore the carpet's luster and soft hand feel. Professional cleaning also takes care of stains, removes unpleasant odors and helps restore the carpet's stain resistance. A professionally cleaned carpet looks, feels and smells better and stays cleaner longer!
  • Have a question or concern about your carpets? Please give us a call any time.