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Q&A with Glen Wilson: What does the future hold for truckmount engines and heat management?
In the U.S., state and federal emission regulation changes for industrial engines have had a significant impact on the truckmount industry. Legend Brands engineers work to develop new models that not only exceed current regulations but also meet requirements for three, five and even ten years from now, so that replacement components will be readily available when it comes time to maintain or replace.

We continuously evaluate new power trains and components so that if regulation forces changes, we are ready to respond. Advanced ECM (Engine Control Modules) and fuel injection systems add a layer of complexity to truckmount design and maintenance. Legend Brands R&D engineering evaluates, tests and even purposely tries to destroy engines to make sure they meet both government emission standards and our standards of durability and reliability.

We also incorporate design and technologies that reduce component heat-related issues. Legend Brands implemented the first truckmount belt cooler to reduce heat buildup and extend the life of drive belts by hundreds of operating hours. Now Cerakote ceramic coating on exhaust chain parts – starting with the 370SS and the Apex 570 and now employed on all new truckmount models – lowers the heat radiation from exhaust components by more than 30%. That reduces component fatigue and promises a longer life for truckmounts – and a cooler van interior.
Adapted from an article published in Cleanfax and written by Glen Wilson. Wilson is VP Product Management at Legend Brands.