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For Best Results, Keep the Air Moving
Professional airmovers should be part of every cleaner’s equipment portfolio. Why? Ordinary box fans are okay for ventilation, but they just don’t move enough air to dry carpets and upholstery quickly and efficiently.

Airmovers—especially down-force airmovers like the patented Dri-Eaz Dri-Pod and AirPath—are specifically designed to move lots of air down and across damp floors. In many cases, these units can dry an area so quickly that one room will be dry by the time you’re finished cleaning the next. This “dry as you go” approach is the most efficient way to finish the job quickly and completely so the homeowner can re-occupy the space as soon as possible—and that makes for happy customers!

Plus, fast trying means less wicking, fewer callbacks, and carpets that are ready to be walked on much sooner.