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Maximize Your Warehouse Use and Build Your Business
Are you about to move into a larger warehouse space, or are you thinking about remodeling your existing facility to make it more efficient and practical? Here’s some simple ideas that can help you use the space more efficiently, streamline maintenance procedures, and even encourage team building: 
  • Include a temperature-controlled area for vehicles, truckmounts and other freeze-vulnerable equipment.
  • Add a drain-and-wash station. Make it easy to keep vehicles and equipment washed, rinsed and prepped for the next job. Consider installing a separate water line for freshwater tank filling—in some jurisdictions, this type of water use is not subject to sewer charges. Check with your local water utility. 
  • Add wash pits for rugs. 
  • Take advantage of high warehouse ceilings by installing a mezzanine for tools, parts and backup equipment. Install pallet and storage racks. Keeps items secure, organized and ready for use.
  • Set up a tooled area and workbench in the equipment maintenance area. Helps keeps tools organized and ready to use.
  • Add a multipurpose room—use this space as break room, staff training, client meetings, company meetings, and social events. 
  • Bring in a folding ping pong table, install a basketball hoop, or provide other easy-to-deploy recreational equipment to encourage team building.