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Going, Going ... Gone Green! Part 3
The Perception of Green
No matter what we might think about "green" practices, we need to be aware of our customers' opinions and understanding of the concept. If they feel strongly about “going green,” it will affect their buying decisions on an emotional level. What are some of these emotional drivers? From speaking with many individuals on technical calls, here are the concerns they have expressed:

Odor. Many homeowners do not want unfamiliar odors. In fact, they prefer not to smell any residual odor after you have finished cleaning. The homeowner might not know what a "low VOC solvent" is, but your use of a zero VOC product might reassure a customer who has a fear of anything evaporating inside their home. In one case, carpet tech was ready to clean the carpet, but the customer would not allow anything but a water rinse because the tech didn't have a solvent-free product on his truck.

Toxicity. Will the residue hurt me, my dog, my cat, my infant? Unfortunately, this is difficult to answer with certainty. Toxicity is relative; every substance, whether naturally derived or synthetic, could be toxic – if the dose is high enough. Here’s a suggested compromise: try to use products and processes that leave very little residue. If a product does leave a residue, use a green-certified product that utilizes a familiar substance like clay, washing soda and table salt, and be sure to point this out to your customer. Any residues from these common materials are much less likely to raise concerns.

Certification. The industry recognizes various green certification standards. We might debate whether a given standard is meaningful or beneficial, but if you are interested in the commercial market and in serving LEED-certified building owners, certification logos on the label provides official endorsement on products like One Earth cleaning solutions. 

So look for extra opportunities that are present – and perceived – for introducing green products and procedures into your business. There’s sure to be a return on that investment of time and effort, especially with specific customers who are concerned about “going green.”