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Going, Going ... Gone Green! Part 1
There is no shortage of information about the topic of green and environmental stewardship. Even with all the news coverage, government reports and scientific studies, much confusion and skepticism persists. When a company says, for example, that they have "gone green," what does that mean? Did they merely put a recycling bin in the lunchroom? Or did they perform a complete green audit on their entire global supply chain?
Another important question is the benefit of green. People express concerns that landfills will eventually fill to capacity and that the human body has a limited capacity for toxic exposure. Green practices might help protect us from these outcomes, but what specifically do we get for the investment in green? 

While we can’t settle these questions easily, there are two green issues that may be important to you and to your customers: the pursuit of green cleaning practices and your customers' perception of those practices.
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