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Five Easy Ways to Build Customer Trust
Here’s a few simple ways to help create a good first impression and build trust with your customers.
  1. Drive clean, presentable vehicles. Do your vehicles and your employees reflect well on your customer’s choice in a cleaning service? And remember—your customers consider your truck parked out front as a reflection on them and their choice in a business.
  2. Use I.D. badges. First impressions matter! Always identify yourself by name and the company you represent, and show a company ID. This will help to put new customers at ease.
  3. Practice common courtesies. For example, use proper titles, like Mr./Ms./Sir/Ma’am. Ask permission to use the customer’s first name before you do so.
  4. Tread lightly. Use booties/shoe covers, and wear them properly! (Don't let techs wear their booties when they walk outside to the truck!)
  5. Get caught in the act! Customers appreciate techs who pay attention to details. Ask about any fragile items you should be aware of, and suggest that the customer remove them from the area before you start working. Clean up any drips or spills immediately, and try to get caught wiping off the baseboard after a cleaning.

Actions like these will show your customer that you care about what they care about: their personal safety, their furnishings and fragile possessions, and that will go a long way in building trust – not to mention good referrals and future jobs!