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Don’t let your truckmount freeze up!
During the colder months of the year, you need to keep your truckmount safe from freezing and running properly throughout the “freezin’ season.” Basically, there are four ways to keep a truckmount safe from freezing. 
  1. Keep the unit running just prior to leaving for the next job. Naturally, this will only protect the unit for a short time. 
  2. When not in use, park it in a heated building. 
  3. Use a small, safe electric heater inside the vehicle – but only if there is little or no chance of a power failure.
  4. Freeze-guard the unit. Since evacuating all the water from a modern truckmount is nearly impossible, adding antifreeze is the only sure way to protect it. When using this procedure, make sure you protect all the systems including the chemical system, pump, heat exchanger, hoses, cleaning tools and the fresh water supply. It takes a bit of time to go through this procedure but if you follow it carefully, you can rest easy knowing your truckmount is protected. View our video that guides you through the process.
Be sure to refer to your truckmount manual for steps specific to your unit.
Note: It is usually not possible to winterize units that have auxiliary water tanks. If the unit has an auxiliary water tank(s), it must be stored in a heated building.