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Ain’t No Party Like a Facebook Watch Party
Everyone knows that a party is only as good as the planning put into it (…college years aside). At Legend Brands, we’re committed to utilizing the latest tools in social media to bring you high quality content in unique ways. Sometimes the line between novelty and practicality can blur, but we’re risk takers ready to explore creative opportunities like Facebook’s newest tool, the Watch Party. We’re going to release a series of Watch Parties every work day beginning Monday, June 3. The purpose? To introduce our new training video series called Cleaning with Confidence

Taught by the illustrious – no – THE Cleaning LEGENDS Pat Muller and Tim Baker, we’ll walk through the upholstery cleaning process in five episodes, releasing one per day. The episodes cover Tools Needed, Pre-Inspection, Delicate Fabric Cleaning, Synthetic Fabric Cleaning, and Finishing the Job. This series is designed to help carpet cleaners who may currently shy away from difficult (or even easy) upholstery cleaning work to gain the technical knowledge they need to clean ANY upholstery confidently – and make more money on each job! 

You know what to do. Elbow that electronic life-narrator in your pocket and set a reminder for 3 p.m. PST on Monday, June 3, and each day of the week following. Journey with us as we try something new. It’s going to be fun! Be sure tell your friends (but maybe not your competitors!).