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Ultrapac® Extreme
Product Description
State-of-the-art nanotech “micro-robots” in Ultrapac Extreme bind and suspend soils for fast and efficient removal. A complex buffering system keeps the pH stable to maximize cleaning potential in all conditions. Plus, its new Hydrocoating Technology means this new economical powdered product is fast-dissolving even in cold water and is stable up to 212°F / 100°C. The RTU will not separate and can be stored for several weeks.
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8.695-714.0: Four 6.5 lb. / 2.9 kg jars
8.695-715.0: One 40 lb. / 18.1 kg pail
8.695-716.0: One 320 lb. / 145.0 kg drum
DILUTION PUMP SPRAYER: 1 scoop per gal. of water (using provided scoop)
DILUTION INJECTION SPRAYER: 8 scoops per 5 qts. of water (using provided scoop)
Legend Rewards:


  • Nano-technology outcleans other pre-sprays at an economical price
  • Hydrocoating Technology ensures fast and complete mixing – even in cold water – and won’t separate or in harden your Hydro-Force or other pressure applicator!
  • RTU solution is perfectly clear and can be stored. 
  • Performance is unaffected by water hardness up to 24 grains. 
  • Stable up to boiling temperatures – use the hottest water from your truckmount to dissolve and apply the product.


DILUTION PUMP SPRAYER:  1 scoop per gal. of water (using provided scoop)
DILUTION INJECTION SPRAYER:  8 scoops per 5 qts. of water (using provided scoop)


Ultrapac® Extreme (User Guide)
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Ultrapac® Extreme (Product Spec Sheet)



“My favorite product is definitely Prochem Ultrapac Extreme. It is hands down my go-to for the worst of the worst jobs. It cleans up the carpets like no other! Definitely, the best I have ever used for a pre-spray!” –James Daugherty, James Restoration, Summerville, SC