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HOSS 700 Rotary Cleaning Tool
Product Description
Ready to get much better results with far less work? Engineered to maximize cleaning performance and reduce labor and dry times, the HOSS 700 is truly a game changer. With 700 deep-cleaning passes per minute, the HOSS 700 delivers solution at precise rates and agitates thoroughly to dramatically improve cleaning results. Plus, the down force created by the HOSS 700 combined with optimized vacuum flow results in maximum extraction, reducing carpet dry times by up to 30% compared to standard cleaning wands.
Glide options:
NextGen 1 glides provide smooth operation and thorough extraction on all carpet types. NextGen 2 glides ensure outstanding HOSS 700 performance with portable extractors. Glides can be changed out in just minutes with a screwdriver.
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107697 (67-025): Pre-fitted with NextGen 1 glides; includes set of NextGen 2 glides
Cleaning head diameter: 15 in. | 38 cm
Motor: 0.5 HP dual-capacitor start. Shear-pin protected.
Transmission: Helical gearing with sealed ball-bearing mounts. Oil-bath lubrication. Cast aluminum case.
Solution valving: Brass fittings with inline filter. Ergonomic trigger lever.
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  • 15 inch rotor cleans faster and leaves carpets dryer – and up to .5 inch from edges
  • Full 2 inch vacuum flow with clear viewing tube – easily monitor cleaning progress
  • Low-profile cleaning heads designed for cleaning under furniture – cleans within half an inch of edges!
  • Industrial-grade gearbox. Rugged ball bearings ensure quiet operation and long life.
  • Easily adjustable handle height


Cleaning head diameter:  15 in. | 38 cm
Motor:  0.5 HP dual-capacitor start. Shear-pin protected.
Transmission:  Helical gearing with sealed ball-bearing mounts. Oil-bath lubrication. Cast aluminum case.
Solution valving:  Brass fittings with inline filter. Ergonomic trigger lever.
Control:  Ergonomic lever
Transport:  Easy-roll 6 in. wheels




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"I initially purchased the Rotovac machine due to the namebrand and popularity. Once I started using the Rotovac I ran into nothing but problems with it. It would stop working in the middle of jobs, parts would fall off and not screw back on correctly ,and it started becoming more of a headache than a help.  I decided to then purchase the HOSS 700. I immediately noticed how much better this machine was and just the all-around better quality it possessed. The HOSS did not leave the squiggly lines that the Rotovac was leaving in my customers’ carpets. I had no functionality issues or any problems with the machine not working properly. I truly wish that I would have purchased this machine first and saved myself money and a headache." -Seth Brower, I Clean Carpets & More, Willow Grove, PA
"I just wanted to reach out to you and to let you know that I am very happy with my HOSS 700. Thanks for taking the time and patience to explain to me how the HOSS 700 works. I went to a Jon Don customer appreciation day to buy the CX-15 and came home with the HOSS-700 instead which I know is a great investment." —David Beto, Superior Cleaning Solutions, Pottstown, PA
"The HOSS 700 makes those large jobs go much quicker and easier dry time is amazing we put a couple of Dri-Pod floor driers around and job is dry by the time we are done. Love it!" —Richie Anchor, Anchor Carpet Cleaning, Cape Vincent, NY
"Since I have invested in the HOSS 700, I have become more bold! Now I accept jobs that I would have walked away from in the past. I simply enjoy cleaning trashed carpet these days! From commercial to 'oh my gosh' residential jobs, there is nothing this HOSS 700 can't tackle." —Joseph Vardis, Steam Force LLC, Ocala, FL
"I have recently purchased a HOSS 700 along with my 370SS. The unit really helps getting those heavy traffic areas a good scrub, which leaves my customers happier than ever." —Henry Chiang, Carpet Cleaners R Us, San Diego, CA