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Fluorosil® Odor Neutralizer - Floral
Product Description
This versatile, mild-pH, non-ionic blend of odor counteractants, pairing agents, and masking agents meets the specifications for use on 5th generation stain resist carpet and can be safely used on most hard surfaces such as tile, stone, and vinyl floors and walls. Fluorosil can be used as an additive and is compatible with most cleaning presprays and extraction solutions, or can be diluted and used as a post-mist after source removal and cleaning. Formulated for residential, commercial, and restoration use, and effective enough to neutralize offensive pet and body odors as well as water, fire, and smoke damage odors.
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100507 (8.695-002.0): Four 1 gal. / 3.8 L bottles
RTU PH: 7.5
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“I started with Prochem Fluorosil Floral Odor Neutralizer 26 years ago: good things never change! I do like the sweet fragrance. Over the years I’ve found that other products might have a good smell, but that turns into an bad smell 8 to 24 hours later. It’s not good when the product you’ve used turns into a sewer smell in a matter of hours. Fluorosil brings me peace of mind because I know that won't happen! Works great on pet stains, too: I locat the stain with my UV light and give it a fine mist straight from the gallon and everything else gets 3 to 4 to 1 ratio. Every time, Prochem is the winner.” –Charlie Cole, Turbo Carpet Upholstery Service, Whittier, CA