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Dry Slurry
Product Description
The industry leader and cleaning benchmark for alkaline extraction rinses, Dry Slurry is powerful enough to be used for one-step or two-step hot water extraction cleaning processes and yet gentle enough for use on 5th generation stain-resist nylon carpets. This economical powdered product can be used with truckmounts or portables on most synthetic fibers. Solvent-boosted formulation removes heavy suspended greasy soils, grime and prespray residue that others leave behind.
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112181 (8.695-150.0): 1.5 lb. / .7 kg jars
112184 (8.695-152.0): Four 6 lb. / 2.7 kg jars
112183 (8.695-153.0): One 40 lb. / 18.1 kg pail
112182 (8.695-151.0): One 320 lb. / 145.2 kg drum
RTU pH: 9.6–9.9
Coverage: One 6 lb. jar makes up to 1,040 gals. of RTU solution for approximately 400 sq. ft. per diluted gal.
Dilution portables: 0.5 to 1.5 oz. per 5 gals. of water
Dilution truckmounts: 3 cups per 5 gals. of water


RTU pH:  9.6–9.9
Coverage:  One 6 lb. jar makes up to 1,040 gals. of RTU solution for approximately 400 sq. ft. per diluted gal.
Dilution portables:  0.5 to 1.5 oz. per 5 gals. of water
Dilution truckmounts:  3 cups per 5 gals. of water




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“We use it on in a buffet-style restaurant that has very greasy carpets. We notice a very big improvement when we use Dry Slurry compared to Flex Ice or Flex Fire; Dry Slurry just seems to clean up easier and better overall. It works better than any other rinse we've used.” —Alex Ryan, Apex Cleaning Services, CO
"Dry Slurry is great for restaurant carpets, especially near the kitchen doors where there's more grease soaked in the carpet than in the bottom of a deep fryer. I have kept quite a few accounts using Prochem Dry Slurry extraction. Also it will bring your old carpet almost back to new! The product works great—I wouldn't ever try anything else."  —Mark Mormando, Mark 1 Restoration, Feasterville-Trevose, PA
“The first time our company tried Dry Slurry we used it on a heavy suspended greasy soiled carpet, and to be honest the results were unbelievable. Its mixing ratio lets you clean more greasy, soiled carpet using less product. It is great when using hot water. The results are amazing! We use in our high traffic areas every day.” —Raul Guereca, Double Take Carpet Cleaning, Provo, UT
“I like to use Dry Slurry for the good clean smell.” —Dominic Prantera, Warren, MI

"I use Dry Slurry like I wear my clothes. A lot of times you only get one shot at it and it's got to be great again—like America!" –Charlie Cole, Turbo Carpet Upholstery Services, Whittier, CA
"Dry Slurry is our favorite Prochem product!" Lisa Mor, Citrus Fresh Carpet Care, Moorpark, CA
“My biggest challenge? Sofas and dining room chairs that are filthy. We pre-spray with Ultrapac and rinse with Dry Slurry. A wonderful one-two punch from Joe Domin!” —John Henessy, Chubby Chubby Carpet Cleaner, Puyallup, WA