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Chemspec Rust Remover
Product Description
Specifically formulated to remove the toughest rust stains from a variety of carpets and fabrics.

Review these Tech Tips for expert guidance on spot and stain removal.
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112150 (C-RRCS): Twelve 1 qt. / 0.9 L bottles
Form: Liquid RTU
RTU PH: 4.4
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Form:  Liquid RTU
RTU PH:  4.4




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“Chemspec Rust Remover has been my biggest winner! So many times customers see rust and think it isn't going to come out. I once landed a restaurant contract because the previous cleaner couldn’t remove rust stains that had come from metal table legs. I went in and treated two spots. It all cleaned up beautifully. I followed up with an email to take over the contract at a price that I knew was significantly higher than they had been paying. To my surprise they booked right away and we have been their main service provider ever since. They now have no rust and have no problem paying more for better service! Chemspec Rust Remover for the win!” –Drew Poll, Lake Shore Carpet Care, Ludington, MI
"My favorite Chemspec product is Rust Remover. This product removes any rust spot on a carpet. It's amazing to see such a difference!"

-Theodore Ebbing, Anchor Carpet Cleaning, Clayton, NY
“Rust Remover has saved me several times. I know when I see the rust and it sees me, it’s scared for the chemistry Chemspec Rust Remover has to offer.”
-Brandon Wilde, Southeast Steam