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All Fiber Rinse (Jar)
Ultra-clean clear rinse with unique Residue Release Technology
Product Description
Get better cleaning with less residue! This unique powdered rinse employs a unique formulation appropriate for use on practically any fiber type—it will not burn and leaves fibers soft to the touch. Dissolves fast even in cold water, and our proprietary Residue Release Technology fully binds soils and minerals to ensure a deep clean.  Plus, it has a fresh clean scent customers love—no sour or sulfur-type odors! Give your customers softer, cleaner carpet that stays cleaner with All Fiber Rinse! 
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121599 (8.695-728.0): Four 6 lb. / 2.72 kg jars
121600 (8.695-729.0): One 40 lb. / 18.1 kg pail
121601 (8.695-730.0): One 320 lb. / 145 kg drum
Form: Powder
RTU pH: 4.2–4.5
Dilution (portables): 1–2 oz. (30-60cc) per 5 gal. for routine cleaning; 2-4 oz. (60-120cc) per 5 gal. for heavy soil
Dilution ("spray and leave"): 1-2 oz. (60-120cc) per gal.
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  • Highly soluble—dissolves fast and completely with minimal agitation.
  • High temperature stable up to 198°F / 92°C.
  • Stable 4.2–4.5 pH allows use on ALL soft surfaces plus most tile and grout.
  • Product has no attraction to fibers—no stickiness, no re-soiling.
  • Leaves fibers soft to the touch even after carpet dries.
  • Leaves behind a pleasing fresh, clean scent—unlike competitive products that have a lingering sour or sulfur smell.
  • Helps prevent scaling and mineral build-up to keep the truckmount and cleaning tools free of hard water deposits.
  • Available in all 50 states.


Form:  Powder
RTU pH:  4.2–4.5
Dilution (portables):  1–2 oz. (30-60cc) per 5 gal. for routine cleaning; 2-4 oz. (60-120cc) per 5 gal. for heavy soil
Dilution ("spray and leave"):  1-2 oz. (60-120cc) per gal.
Dilution (truckmounts):  3 cups (750cc) per 5 gal. (meter as needed: 3–8 gal. per hour)